About Lou


Few professionals have impacted the face of modern commercial production as has Lou Addesso. 

His production career spans four decades and stretches from New York to Los Angeles. From film to digital, Lou has a well-earned reputation for editing innovation and professional integrity. 

It all began in Brooklyn. As a teen, Lou loved the entertainment business and quickly used his looks and talent to score a gig as a rock and roll singer. Even though he shared the same producer as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, he quickly realized that he wanted to play a more solid and long lasting role.

Thus began his epic journey in editing, which began, oddly enough, as an apprentice film editor. Even then, Lou studiously learned every single technique available to transform simple sound and pictures into finished pieces of film that enjoyed the power to move people and deliver the impact requested by the client. 

Thus began Gold, Addesso and Schriber (known as Editors GAS), his first company. Within a year, the boutique firm was rocking. Within five years, they were rolling and Lou Addesso has never looked back. 

Baked into his success is his uncanny ability to spot – and develop – raw artistic talent, on both ends of the camera. His ability to assemble ‘crossover creative’ teams is legendary. This creative mix soon attracted some of the industry’s most popular and emerging directors, such as Ted Demme (The Ref), Nick Cassavettes (The Notebook), Gregory Hoblit (NYPD Blue), Leslie Linka Glatter (Homeland), Stanley Tucci, etc., many of whom are today ‘star directors’ and household names. 

“I feel like one of the original mad men, and the biz still excites the **** out of me!”
— Lou Addesso

Lou’s ability to seamlessly crossover creative talent from commercials to features and vice versa, gives him unique prominence within the industry. Even as his outstanding work made him one of the hottest commercial advertising names on New York’s Madison Avenue, however, the beckoning promise of Hollywood eventually lured him west.

Today, Lou is the CEO of Creative Film Management (CFM), which includes merged assets of his former companies that he runs from Malibu, California. His signature ‘crossover’ production methods have never enjoyed more popularity, attracting hot new directors such as Dito Montiel, and John Leguizamo. CFM West is adding top talent to its lineup and new projects to its reel of more than 1000 successful projects. They have produced commercials for clients like McDonalds, Intel, Ford, PepsiCo, etc.; all delivered on time, within budget and with message effectiveness. He and his team are also forming other ventures with specific entertainment targets on the evolving media landscape.  

Editing film with flair since the days of “Madmen” through today’s disparate digital standards, Lou Addesso has remained media savvy and become a constant in an otherwise rapidly changing industry. He has done so by simply doing what he does best; finding and coaching the talent required to produce award-winning commercials and crossover features. 

Despite the accolades, Lou Addesso remains true to his craft. He is still smiling and ALWAYS making it look easy. Few men can point to such a record of achievement in a notoriously difficult business but by establishing his own standard of ethics and creativity, his success is soaring and his legacy remains on the leading edge of innovation.