About Andrew



From the time he was two Andrew Swee knew he wanted to be a doctor.  At least he thought so.

He was at first consumed by this drive. He wore scrubs night and day, always with a stethoscope at the ready. Andrew knew he wanted to help people, ever ready to save any needy soul he encountered.  However, the medical profession he would never see.  

His parents eventually forbade him from going to medical school and instead enrolled him at Tisch School of Arts, threatening to materially abandon him if he didn’t complete a degree in film or television. For Andrew, though disappointing at the time, it was the best possible outcome.

Although he was still free to practice his imagined medical skills, he was now applying his passion for people and creative collaboration to the world of visual media as Tisch made him an excellent producer. His mind was now filled with incredible imagery and Tisch had taught him how to use the tools necessary to reassemble them for incredible impact. 

I love the collaborative process whether in the old model or in the adventure of new media.
— Andrew Swee

For over two decades since, Andrew has delightfully overseen the production of commercial television ads, media content and feature films, both in the US and around the globe.  He works closely with CFM directors, producers and clients to provide the highest standard of production that has become synonymous with the CFM brand.